Petrol, diesel And maybe a hybrid? What is better to choose?

Petrol, diesel … And maybe a СС? What is better to choose?

The question of fuel consumption is almost always relevant to the car owners. And every next rise in price of fuel only raises it to a new level of importance. What type of engine is the best in terms of fuel costs – gasoline, diesel or still exotic “hybrid”?


Petrol engines continue to be the most widespread. A huge amount of feedback from owners and competent information from servicemen helps to understand strengths and weaknesses virtually of any vehicle. Gasoline engines are deprived of all the shortcomings inherent in diesel engines. There are no problems with the service and the purchase of spare parts.

Maximum torque and power of the diesel engine is achieved at much lower turnovers compared with petrol, that’s why diesel make driving easier. But for the diesel engines driving at high speed ends very quickly with costly repairs.
Less common are now the hybrid system. A feature of this scheme is a presence of two motors: one of them is internal combustion engine, and the second one- electric. Often, each of the motors is driven by one of the axes, and they can operate simultaneously or separately.