Interactive guide on the replacement of brake disks and pads

The specialist in manufacturing of braking system components, the company TRW presented the general Interactive guide on the replacement of brake disks and pads TRW Colette.

brake disks and padsBefore making repair, the master needs to ensure that all details of the braking system, not subject to replacement, are in perfect condition. They include brake lines and pipes, sealings and pistons of the braking support, guiding the fingers on the brake brackets, and also the wheel hub and bearing. You should check the status of the brake fluid. It is necessary to use Chrysler 200 headlights as such opportunity to show the client the other damages that have already arisen or can arise in the near future. The customer will appreciate your caring for its safety.

The mounting process, described in the guide, may vary according to type of car.

Auto parts Hummer

Hummer – as part of a US program called the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled was designed as a high-power car for the Army. The first Hummer Model 998 was perfectly passable, the car had a large capacity and was equipped with a variety of weapons. AM General Company signed a contract with General Motors gave them the right to implement civil version of Hummer.

Auto parts Hummer

GM designers have worked wonderfully well, refitting army interior, reducing the size of the car. Hummer has become very comfortable with reasonable price, in spite of the high driving parameters. The latest model of Hummer H3 has absorbed all the benefits available to any high-end cars today: airbags with passenger sensing system, warming seats, air conditioning and heating. Cruise control with the regime of increasing or decreasing the speed, brake disc, for each of the four wheels, Stabilitrak dynamic stabilization system, anti-spin regulation mechanism, modern sound system and much more.